#2 Nutribullet


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Product Description

This product get my highest recommendation if you are serious about introducing nutrition into your life. Dear Lord this is a fantastic product. This is the gateway drug to eating healthier at the office, feeling fuller, and snacking less. Making a Nutribullet smoothie is literally faster than making toast with peanut butter, and assuming you’re using healthy, all natural ingredients, it can be WAY healthier too.

The NutriBullet System is quite simply the best product out there to make healthy, nutritious drinks that can help you fight and prevent disease, lose weight, relieve joint pain, promote healthy, younger-looking skin, and even add years to your life. The secret is the NutriBullet’s exclusive extractor technology which uses a 600 watt motor with cyclonic action and the patented extractor blades. This technology breaks down and pulverizes the stems, seeds, and skins where most of the essential nutrition lies – unlike what juicers and blenders do. Simply add your favorite fruits, vegetables and boosts (nuts, seeds, herbs) to the NutriBullet, along with some water, and extract the ingredients into smooth, tasty drink. And the best part is a NutriBlast takes only seconds to prepare, seconds to clean and couldn’t be easier to take on-the-go.