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Mammoth Classic HEPA, Carbon, Ionizer, Dual Ozone Generator 5 Stage Air Purifier.Cherry

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Product Description

The Mammoth Air Classic Air Purifier is a stylish and powerful air purifier that is able to clean any space with great results. Say goodbye to harmful contaminants in your house with 5 stage filtration. The standardized plug socket at the back is fused for protection from surges and ensures years of reliable use!

Mammoth All-in-One Technology
This Mammoth Air Purifier is the most popular entry level unit with most of the features of a high end air filtration system. This Mammoth Classic has 5 stages of filtration including HEPA, Carbon filter, Ionizer and Ozone generator. It is encased with a solid construction, genuine stained cherry wood exterior.

HEPA Filtration
True HEPA filtration filters 99.97% of all airborne particles and keeps dust, bacteria, pollen, and mold out of your air.

Carbon Filter
The carbon filter is effective in filtering smoke, VOC’s, airborne chemicals, and odors.

Ionizer & Generator
The ionizer attackes dust and particles floating in the air by participation.

600 sq/ft to 2,500 sq/ft (Passive vs Active Purification)
The Mammoth Classic Air Purifier has optioal On/Off with Ozone. Without Ozone- 600 sq/ft. With Ozone- 2,500 sq/ft.

Silent Operation vs Max Power
The Mammoth Classic Air Purifier has adjustable level of fan speed as well as ozone level.

Mammoth 3 Year Warranty, Video Tutorials and Support
Owners of Mammoth Air Purifiers are happy customers. Mammoth Air offers great customer support, warranty, as well as video tutorials for quick online help!

  • Manufactured by Mammoth Air Purifier with Lifetime Support and 5 Year Limited Warranty.
  • Removes the following pollutants from the air: dust, pollens, germs, molds, bacteria and viruses.
  • Mammoth IceTechTM Filters: HEPA & Carbon with improved and more effective filtration and air flow circulation.
  • Utilizes dual point negative ion filtration technology to remove dust from air actively and safely. Charcoal filter removes odor, pollens, and pollutants from the air in a safe manner.
  • Ultra quiet 5 speed adjustable fan for your preference. Adjustable 5 output level ozone or activated oxygen used in the purifier.