‘Captain of Crush’ Two-Way Grip Set: Grippers + Bands


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Product Description

Muscle balance is a key to strong and healthy hands so industry leader IronMind delivers the two most essential training tools in one convenient package: a Captains of Crush Trainer gripper and Expand-Your-Hand Bands. Captains of Crush grippers are the world’s top tool for building grip strength and the Trainer is the perfect starting point for people who are active. Expand-Your-Hand Bands are the key for achieving muscle balance, so get ready to kiss your tennis elbow pains goodbye. Expand-Your-Hand Bands are latex free and come in five different strengths (color coded); you get two complete sets (10 bands total), for progressive training with almost unlimited options.

  • Grip strength and hand health is a two-way street
  • Flex your fingers with a Captains of Crush gripper and extend them with Expand-Your-Hand Bands
  • No more jellyfish handshakes and tennis elbow pains
  • This portable package goes anywhere, always ready to use
  • Made by in the USA by IronMind, the industry leader since 1988