Bulletproof Upgraded Decaf Coffee 5lb


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Product Description

Upgraded Decaf Coffee is a health, pleasure, and bio-hacking beverage brewed from the same artisan-roasted, high performance Central American coffee beans as our caffeinated Bulletproof Coffee. Each happy cup of Bulletproof Decaf delivers huge flavor depth, the lowest possible toxin content, and extreme mental and health benefits, just like caffeinated Bulletproof Upgraded Coffee.

Some scientific benefits of decaf: Decaf boosts memory and brain energy metabolism. Decaf coffee helps the brain efficiently use glucose, which helps improve memory function. A typical serving of decaf contains more antioxidants than a typical serving of fresh fruit. It also may help slow age-associated cognitive decline.

Our Upgraded Arabica beans are first cleaned and pre-soaked in pure water to hydrate the beans. From this, we create Green Coffee Extract (GCE), minus the caffeine, through simple water extraction. Our green Upgraded Coffee beans are then placed in the GCE, which is saturated with all the desirable coffee molecules.

We carefully monitor time, chemical equilibrium, temperature, and flow, and optimize the high-pressure caffeine specific driving force between the bean and the GCE. The result is a net extractive process in which only caffeine is removed by osmosis, leaving the coffee’s unique “origin flavor” characteristics intact. This process is repeated for 8 – 10 hours, until the coffee beans are 99.9% caffeine free.

After our Upgraded Coffee beans are decaffeinated, they are remove from the holding tanks, dried, bagged, and ready to be roasted.