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If you’re tired of saying, “There just aren’t enough hours in the day,” it’s time to stop complaining about your lack of resources and start learning how to be more resourceful. That’s what becoming “Asian Efficient” is all about.

Let’s face it – productivity is a complicated subject.

It lures us all in with promises of being able to do what we need to, when we need to do it. Of streamlining our email so that it doesn’t stress us out. Of promising magical and technological systems that let us keep track of everything. And of course, of making us less “busy” than we actually are.

This is all nice in theory. And it looks great on the back of a book cover, but… what usually happens, is that our first dive into productivity, results in a deep, and never-ending rabbit hole of tips, tracks, hacks and assorted strategies that never get used.

You may be familiar with term “productivity pr0n”. This is because like, well, pr0n, it’s addictive to read and learn about all the things that we could do – if we ever got around to actually doing them.

Here at Asian Efficiency, we have a confession to make. You see, we run one of the larger productivity blogs online today, which is part of the problem. Productivity is a HUGE topic – one that you can literally spend a lifetime studying… and never truly master.

Which leads into our second confession – those of us in the “industry”, know that the people who are truly productive… actually use a surprisingly small number of “hacks” and “tricks” to be productive. We’re not talking 80/20 here. We’re talking 80/20 of the 80/20. Where 4% of your actions delivers over 96% of your results.

And after being part of the “productivity pr0n” problem for some time, we decided to do something about it. We don’t want you to be part of that group of people who gets lots in the shuffle.

We want you to be in the select group of people who knows exactly the right things to do and what to leverage, and to really just get things done.

You just want simple and actionable steps to get ahead in your life, career and business.