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If you’re tired of saying, “There just aren’t enough hours in the day,” it’s time to stop complaining about your lack of resources and start learning how to be more resourceful. That’s what becoming “Asian Efficient” is all about.

I have gone through this training course myself, and it completely changed my daily workflow as far as task management is concerned. It easily doubled my productivity. And if you’re serious about getting things done, this is the best resource I can find to do so.

If you’ve been using OmniFocus for a while and you still haven’t found a way to make it work for you yet… then this is the most important message you’ll read today.

As you have noticed, the more stuff you put into OmniFocus, the more challenging it becomes using it to the point where you spend more time managing OmniFocus than getting things done.

If you have had moments where you were having trouble with OmniFocus or you found yourself frustrated with the program, then it’s probably because you’ve never been walked through how to use it correctly (the “easy way”).

Learn to use OmniFocus effectively now.