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The adrenal gland is the master gland that sits on top of the kidneys and produces Epinephrine, the hormone that drives our ability to respond and perform to everything we encounter in life. Known as the “fight or flight” hormone, if Epinephrine is too high, one can feel anxious, irritable and have trouble sleeping. If it is too low, one can feel fatigued, depressed and unmotivated. Adrenal Support features adaptogenic herbs traditionally used to provide overall stress protection, increased energy, restful sleep, a more efficient immune response, and enhanced mental clarity and perception. This product promotes balanced hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis function for an improved ability to adapt to various stressful, environmental and physical challenges. This unique and complex formula will help the adrenal gland stay in optimal balance.

Recommended Use: Take 1to 2 vegetarian caps per day.